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10 Invigorating Songs for a More Productive Morning…

Mornings, for many, are a tough time to feel motivated. The temptation to hit the snooze button and get more zzz’s is strong, especially if you haven’t logged enough shut-eye.

Sometimes a stiff cup of coffee does the trick. Other times, when you just can’t shake the sleep off, a different wake-up call is called for. The right music can work just as well as buzzy beans, shaking you from the groggy fog and moving you into action.

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To help you get up and out on a sluggish morning, here are 10 invigorating songs for a more productive day.

“Good Day” — Greg Street

You don’t need to worry about what anyone says. You’re gonna have a good day. All you gotta do is get by. Ain’t nobody gonna cry today. Save that drama for another day. The world is all yours.