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A Special Guide to Growing Stronger, Feeling Better and Bouncing Back After Failure…

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Entrepreneurship is no walk in the park.

The mistakes leaders make can have personal impact. Take it from the founder of Renoun, a startup specializing in professional skis. Circumstance forced him to ask his friends to give up their stakes in the company they shared — clearly a difficult, complicated decision. 

Other setbacks can change an entire company. Tracy Lawrence of catering startup Chewse learned the hard way how one toxic employee can impact a company’s entire culture, long after they’re gone. 

But screwing up is part of learning — and part of running a business. The real question is: How do you recover? 

In this special content collection, we examine failure through the eyes of entrepreneurs who have been there. We share the stories of entrepreneurs on the times they blew it — and how they coped. Those strategies taught them how to run their businesses and what to never do again. And they serve as real-life examples of our exclusive research — that entrepreneurs are specially poised to weather any type of failure

Let these stories comfort you the next time you think you’ve really blown it. You’ll find that you haven’t failed at all — that you’ve only found another way to learn and grow stronger. 

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