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Exclusive Report: Secrets They Hide

Most slots players are familiar with the term ‘variance’, even if there can be some confusion as to what it actually means. Similarly many players will be able to explain what ‘high’ and ‘low’ variance is as it applies to fruit machines, pokies and the like. There is a third way though and unsurprisingly that’s medium variance and we’re going to explain a little more about that below.

You probably already know that high variance games will return fewer wins but higher payouts while low variance games will provide plenty of smaller wins. The former is ideal for those with a large bankroll and a raised tolerance to risk and the latter is good for those with a lower budget who would like to eke out their playing time for as long as possible.

But what if you’re somewhere in between? What if you want to play some relatively high stakes with a decent chance of plenty of medium-sized wins? Fortunately there are some machines out there for you.

How To Spot Medium Variance Slots

Play the game for free or for very low stakes for a while and see what happens; if you’re generating lots of smaller wins with occasional big one then you could be on the right track.

Check the ratio of the payouts for five symbols to that of four or less; if this is about 4x – 8x then you’re in medium territory. Much higher and you’re in high roller land so take care.

Selectable paylines suggest you are at least playing a game which is not high variance. Fixed paylines of course mean a minimum stake which may be more than you are comfortable with.

Tips For Playing Medium Variance Slots

Although you can play these slots with minimum stakes you will only win proportionately smaller prizes, albeit plenty of them. Raise your stakes a bit to take advantage of the medium variance.

Ensure you have a large enough bankroll to ride out the winless spins because you will experience them.

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