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Make Your Company's Name Unforgettable…

Perception can be everything when getting the word out about a new company — starting with the name. 

If you have the resources available, you might consider enlisting the advice of a branding expert. Otherwise, come up with a name that reflects what you want your business to achieve. Make sure to avoid any trademark issues. Coining a word or phrase can protect you from that, but it doesn’t work for everyone.

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The name you come up with should encapsulate your company’s values, so stay away from anything confusing, too long or signifiers that limit you to a specific region or demographic. You also should pick a name that will attract the kind of customers you are interested in, so leave the inside jokes behind.

Another important element is design. Think about what the name you decide on will look like on a business card or in an advertising campaign. Your name is integral to your identity as a company, so choose one with staying power. 

For more important tips on choosing a great business name, check out the video above.

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